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29 FEBRUARY 2020

Venue - Radisson Gurugram
A conference where entrepreneurs learn the hard facts, pitch their ideas, get investments, get motivated and inspire others

What is The Lost Entrepreneur?

90% of all startups fail. More maybe. That's a crazy number considering every one of them starts with a dream and a vision to have financial freedom. But they fail. And they fail because most of them are chickens. Yes, you read that right. These "entrepreneurs" are scared of failing again and again. They are scared of the uncertainties. They are scared of everything life throws at them and then they quit. Well, some have genuine reasons but most quit because they are scared.

But not all are scared. Some are warriors (like 'You') without the right weapons. They sacrifice everything and want to fight. Some want to move forward but because of the lack of proper support, they have no choice but to push back. That support can be financial, emotional, legal, motivational or any other resistance that stops them from moving forward.

The Lost Entrepreneur is one of the only conferences and expos in the world that invites only those Entrepreneurs who are warriors and provides them with the right tools and weapons to move forward without any fear. It is the only event in the world where all entrepreneurs have an option to be completely anonymous.

It's also a pitch fest and many startups will be pitching their products and services at the conference. If you would like us to consider your pitch, send your pitch deck to


A Disruptive Entrepreneur Conference in India You Have Not Experienced Before

Why You Should Attend the Event?

Because you are lost. You have lost your way to uncertainties. You have lost the goals that you set for yourself when you started it all. This event will set the right goals for you and help you in reaching the level of India's most elite startups and SMEs. Enough of thinking mediocre. Enough of telling yourself that you are not able to accelerate because you are not from the best B-Schools in the world. This event will change your perspective completely.


And you are looking for investments, look no where else as this event is designed to attract only the serious investors who will invest if they like you and the product/service. To pitch your product/service at the conference or to exhibit, write an email to

And.... You will be completely anonymous at the event. You will be known by your username and not your real name. No one knows you there. So ask questions that are bothering you without worrying if your potential investor is sitting in the audience and without worrying about the media putting your identity online. Just be the pure you at the event. No holds barred. You can always reveal your identity if you are comfortable but the event is designed in a way to keep you anonymous. 

  • Network with top investors who care for more than the equity; raise real money for your Startup;

  • Acquire practical and unfiltered advice from Top Industry Experts;

  • Learn how to Pitch at the high-level competition.

  • Learn how to raise a startup and find goals

What's in it for you?

  • Find Super innovative startups and more importantly hungry entrepreneurs for your Investment Portfolio;

  • Get access to new deals; find Partners and Clients;

  • Meet the Right People from the Venture Industry.