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Join us in Melbourne, Australia on March 2025, for a spectacular marketing expo featuring the world's finest professionals who have shaped the industry.

2025, Melbourne


Welcome to Intrigue MAdVerse

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in the marketing landscape! The Intrigue MAdVerse Summit, Melbourne 2025, represents more than a mere event; it signifies a transformative revolution. Conceived by Salesgasm, a leader in global conferences, our mission is to redefine the contours of digital marketing and martech.

At Intrigue MAdVerse, we believe in more than just conferences – we're curators of experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our summit is where industry titans, forward-thinkers, and trailblazers converge to explore the limitless possibilities of MAdTech. Powered by Salesgasm's unwavering commitment to excellence, our events are a synergy of knowledge, networking, and inspiration.


Join us in Melbourne, Australia, where innovation takes center stage, and let's embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the marketing universe together. The future is now, and it's MAdVerse!

Connect with 500+ Business Owners, Senior Marketers and Advertisers.

Connect with 300+ Business Owners, Senior Marketers and Advertisers.

300+ Attendees

Exclusive one-on-one sessions, a rare chance to engage directly with industry leaders.

One-on-One Power Meetings

These personalized conversations are your gateway to invaluable insights, relationship building, and potential collaborations that could reshape the marketing landscape.

Led by digital marketing and advertising maestros, these immersive sessions equip you with practical skills vital to navigating the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

10+ Keynotes

Struggling with marketing challenges in your company? Worry not. Our sponsors and exhibitors possess the perfect remedies for your marketing dilemmas. They eagerly await your presence at the summit.

Depart With Actionable Solutions

Join us for an enchanting Gala Night! Revel in an evening of networking, entertainment, and a tribute to the marvels of marketing success.